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Acorns Review:

Best and Easiest Way to Save Money 2024.
The absolute easiest way for me to save money is the ACORNS APP, because I do not even realize that money is coming out of my account. Acorns rounds up (to the nearest dollar) every ATM transaction I make with my linked debit card, and little by little that change adds up.
I use my "round ups" for mini vacations and/or to pay off a few bills. I even have the Acorns App deduct $10 from my checking account every Friday, so that my balance increases faster (this is completely optional). Once I have a sizable amount in my Acorns account, I can simply transfer the funds to my bank account and book my trip or save for later.

It's really easy to sign up. Just click on the link below and ACORNS will give you (and I) an additional
$5 bonus for signing up, so help a brotha' out lol ..
Have fun saving and investing money! :)


Houston, Texas

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I'm Almost There !

Get Started with as little as $5

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Screenshot PROOF! lol

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Me, living my best life

Get Started with as little as $5

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