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About Us

Chill Citty was created by local artist Robert Rodriguez.

I started out drawing pen and ink in 1988 . i would hand draw party flyers for all the high school parties in the Houston area. i also did Wall Murals and graffiti which is where my crazy name came from lol.. chill citty just graffiti .. i then got a lil education at the art institute and well times changed and of course i had to get a real job so i started working in t-shirt shops running automated printers and mixing and matching inks to perfection. I landed a job in the art department and started developing computer skills in 2002 doing color separations for screen printing.  I eventually got into architectural signage then large format screen printing in numerous sign shops in the Houston, TX area.

Vehicle Wraps
It took some practice to learn how to wrap a vehicle, because of the curves and contour lines of the vehicles differ from a flat substrate, but with lots of practice i soon found out that the more measurements that i noted down, the better the outcome .. i love my designs to come out perfect. and i stand by my name and reputation with every design that i work on. 

Our Crew
After working at numerous shops around Houston, I finally got enough nerve to start my own lil shop with my own crew. Since i met a lot of great people in the sign biz, I have chosen only the best of the best to work with. My installers are the best in the business and i have worked with them for many years.
We are NOT amateurs !! and we love what we do.I love to put a smile on my customers face. I really go out of my way to make you look like a million bucks because well.. thats what i do.. 


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